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 Forever Pakistani Fashion Dress To Invest Want to be a grande dame of garments, rather than a mere fashionista? Then transcend ‘trends and acquire ‘pieces’_ collectable classics that will last not just years, but generations, says Sethi is the owner of ‘Forever ’ is not a phase that has applied to Pakistani Clothes much recently. Pakistani Fashion has been dominated by trends that change at a dizzying rate, egged on by stores and labels desperate to squeeze endless new looks into our wardrobes each season. We feverishly want to know what’s now and what’s next, but rarely do we ask :‘What’s for always in Pakistani Fashion’? The answer is ‘Salwar Kameez’ it has been around for generations and will be. Only question is ‘where’ can we find Pakistani clothes which are unique and collectable . Anar Kali Clothe are exclusive designers where you will be able to find unique pakistani Shalwar Kameez with Sale Price so if you want to collect Something Different,Elegant,Unique and Exclusive then just visit

Eid shopping at full swing in all over the world.Latest Pakistani Clothes News from As the Eid draws nearer shopping for the festival gains considerable momentum and the number of visitors to various markets for Pakistani Clothes has increased tremendously. The Eid-shopping season is almost on its peak as customers throng shopping centres to buy various goods ranging from Pakistani Clothes to footwear. The shopkeepers have illuminated their shops with multi-coloured lights and decorations to attract people. Many people are trying to complete their shopping in early days of Ramazan as they want to celebrate Eid with their near and dear ones living in other cities, towns and villages across the country.Main shopping centres are: South hall, Birmingham,London, Luton and Sheffield. Although the rush of buyers is continuing to grow in almost all major markets, people have been left at the mercy of the shopkeepers who have increased prices of virtually everything that is Eid-related. Be it clothes for children or their shoes, dresses for elders, bangles and everything else, prices are soaring but surprisingly, the number of shoppers are on the rise as too the Eid-ul-Fitr approaches. A shopkeeper dealing on children’s garments at Super Market told Dhanak Fashions: “Our prices are the same as last year’s Eid.” However, at his shop, a pair of boys’ shalwar kameez is priced at just over Rs 1500, both items being sold separately. The shopkeepers said that cloth from China has disturbed the markets because it was cheaper and therefore preferable by buyers but the profit margin was low on its sale. Small traders in South hall said that customers have a habit of bargaining on every item, even if the shopkeepers demand low prices. Therefore they seek high prices keeping their profit margin on the goods in their sight. Filled with packs of colourful bracelets and henna two special items for this annual festival the stalls successfully attract buyers. Garment, footwear and general stores selling cosmetics and jewellery are attracting crowds during the evening hours. Some shops have put last season’s stock on sale in stalls outside to attract window-shoppers.People usually complain of rising prices during the month of Ramazan, but they cannot resist shopping and buying gifts for their family members and friends for the annual religious festival.Buyers are of the view that shopkeepers are selling routine items at exorbitant prices because they know that people have to buy items for Eid.So to give everyone early Eid Gift Anar Kali Clothe House have their Latest Pakistani Clothes on Sale Just for Eid and Adding more Hottest Line for their customers.Why Wait Place your order Now at

has Latest Pakistani clothes that are smooth, eye-catching,high quality,exclusive and head-turning. These designer works are hand crafted with each individual in mind.As Pakistani Clothes fashion goes, so goes South Asian fashion. For the past decade, top PAkistani designers of the largest film industry in the world have been shaping the fashion of Indian and Pakistani clothing. Recently, Pakistani fashion is transcending and making a major impact on Western style as well. Things weren’t always this way. Let’s learn more about the cultural phenomenon that is known as Pakistani Salwar Kameez. Until the late 1980s, Pakistani and Indian films demonstrated limited sense of style. Clothing was either everyman clothing or way over the top garish. Pakistani designers came to the limelight ever since Ali Monir did those catchy numbers for Amina Khan in Dil Deya. It was all upwards from there. Pakistani fashion became a force to be reckoned with. When Angelina Joli appeared in flowing Salwar Kameez in a recent hit, this traditional dress got a big boost into urban style. Shamita Shetty made the sharara a hit with aptly titled “Sharara Sharara”. Finally, Priyanka Chopra made the red dupatta (stole) synonymous with Bollywood fashion. Eid Mela 2008 Showing Latest Pakistani Clothes and Fashion are proud to present Eid Mela 2008 in Wembley Arena London.Showing Latest Pakistani clothes,Pakistani Fashion Trends,Catwalk,Tasty Traditional Pakistani Food,Top Pakistani Singers and A lot of other activities. We are inviting top singers Abrar-ul-haq,Jawad Ahmed and best of best Ali Zafar We are also calling Amina Haq,Zarmina Khan and lots more there will be a catwalk with our latest models and lots and lots of apna desi food.As Sethi will be announcing Date shortly through Media but fingers cross we are hoping 21 Oct and that depends on our singers.Once its confirmed we will announce it to public. Here is your chance to book your tickets now and pay nothing yes first 100 seats are free for you so if you want to enjoy Eid Mela 2007 all you have to do is leave your Name and Email address in our feedback form and write Free Eid Mela Seats We will email you and let you know your promo number sounds Good.Great go book yourself a Free ticket and i promise you there is no catch. Tell your Family and friends if they want to join you at Eid Mela 2007. If you want to take part and have anything in your mind simply leave us a kind note in our feedback form.

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Sethi Fashion House Masters in high quality Pakistani Clothes and Latest Indian Fashion Designs was created in Jhelum Pakistan in 1990, at the centre of a Pakistani Fashion System which is unique all over the world and recognised at the international level, in which the creativity of the fashion designers, the production capacity, the quality of both fabrics and confection, the business ability and the innovations of both retailing and communication are all integrated. Studying Fashion Design in Pakistan is consequently a unique experience which allows to get in contact directly with this world, its main actors and events. In fact, only in Pakistan, and more precisely in Lahore, it is possible to perceive and to analyse the evolution of Pakistani Fashion System among the most complex and articulated.Indian and Pakistani Fashion proposes an integrated approach between creative, cultural, productive and marketing aspects. This is possible through a constant dialogue with the experts operating in those sectors. The final objective is to contribute to the development of professional characters able to successfully express their own creativity and to face in an adequate way the evolution of the challenges present in the field. The world of Pakistani Clothes has always been viewed as a conceptual borderland, as far as its original formative heritage is concerned; drawing partly from the nature of Design as an object which is not created on the body, yet belonging partly to the culture of Fashion, to its rhythms, its “laws”, at least as far as its major successes are concerned. Main elements like elegant clothing such as salwar Kameez,tunic tops,sari’s,Kurtis … compose the style of a person. So what we waiting for visit if you are looking for exotic high quality designs to compose your style.

business is one of the most imaginative and busiest activities in Pakistan. Salons, beauty parlors and Pakistani clothing outlets are found in every street and corner. When it comes to textile and embroidery, it is one of the industries in which Pakistan excels. Rich embroidery with sequins, glasswork, thread, beads, shells and thin wire depicts the true eastern culture.The seasonal cloth comes out in a variety of patterns and designs, usually worn mix and match, and for those who like to be different solid colors are adorned with block prints, screen-printing or are hand painted to add exclusivity. Latest Pakistani Fashion is not only restricted to the upper class but also maidservants and the shopkeepers have an aesthetic fashion sense. Weddings, events, festivals and parties are a display of the hottest trends.Most hottest trends are Salwar Kameez,Sari and kurtas. Top designers such as Sethi Fashions are now presenting pakistani clothes in modern and elegent look, mind-blowing embroideries and beautiful colours have taken their place.In Pakistan, fashion has evolved over time. As the society is moving close to advancement, more attention is being paid to the manner of dress and lifestyle.

Groom Dress.

People who love Pakistani Clothes tend to have a short attention span.It goes with the territory.Pakistani Fashion changes every few weeks, so to fall in love with a trend one week, and move to loving something new the next… Well, it’s all part of the fun,isn’t it? But every so often a trend comes along that refuses to die, despite the best efforts of some Pakistani fashion designers to kill it off. Case in point? “Salwar Kameez” how long have we been wearing this traditional dress,safe in the knowledge that we are perfectly on-trend and comfortable with it? The answer is countless years can you believe that? We couldn’t believe it either. But its true when you talk about Pakistani Clothes first thing you talk about is salwar kameez. Salwar Kameez has three parts to it, 1.Kameez stands for long shirt or tunic 2.Salwar stands for pants or trousers 3.Dupatta stands for scarf Salwar Kameez is a traditional and national dress in Pakistan and it is most commonly a woman’s garment.In Pakistan it is an especially popular style of dress.Pakistani dressing styles are marked by many variations, both religious and regional.The rich tradition of Pakistani embroidery has long been made use of by fashion designers from other countries. Today the salwar kameez stands as the most popular women’s dress in Pakistan. The popularity and comfort of the salwar kameez has reached such stupendous heights that most of the new breed designers and top Pakistani designers have started channelizing a major portion of their creative abilities to give this ensemble a new look. Varying from the ethnic touch to the cocktail look, the salwar kameez has come to suit all occasions and what could be better and more creative than adaptation of embroideries of various countries on salwar kameez. Top Pakistani Fashion designers like Sethi Fashions are presenting exclusive boutique designs with elegant styles and mind-blowing embroideries. Salwar Kameez designs by Dhanak Fashions are original creations that are capturing the imagination of women across the globe.Their specialty is chiffon embroidered designer salwar kameez and salwar suits. Pakistani Clothes Craze Pakistani fashion is making waves in the West recently. The reasons are two-fold. Number one, the abolition of quotas on Pakistani textiles has opened United Kingdom to the treasures of Pakistani fashion world. Elegant . This has enriched both cultures tremendously and encouraged an exchange of talent. The second factor has been the resurgence of modest clothing in recent years. UK customers are increasingly finding tight and tiny clothing to be impractical, uncomfortable, and actually uncool.Pakistani fashion scene is expanding rapidly in all dimensions. For one, the Pakistani fashion model pool is growing and is capturing international attention. The number of Pakistani boutiques and Pakistani fashion magazines, including Visage, Women’s Own, and Rivaaj is a testament to growing women’s fashion salwar kameez and kurtas are in every magazine. Photographers are shooting amazing mag folds. Top Pakistani Fashion designers are coming up with unique ideas.Latest Pakistani fashion is not only getting attention from Asian community alone alot of other communities are following Asian fashion.Celebrities are wearing latest Asian outfits and other accessories such as Hannah(tattoos) known as mehndi etc.Pakistani Fashion is getting an ethnic makeover! That’s right. The western woman has far more choices than just 3 to 5 years ago. If you haven’t noticed, imported fashion is painting a new fashion landscape that has affected the choices of tween to grandmother alike. Elegance and comfort are prime in Pakistani clothes. The tight and tiny fad of Britney and her groupies which so dominated women clothing for years is now expiring in favor of these exclusive outfits. Let’s explore the origin of this women’s clothing revolution with Sethi Fashions Home Of Exclusive Pakistani/Indian fashion.

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